Authorities discharged savage video of Tire Nichols capture. Here’s what we know.

City authorities on Friday evening discharged more than an hour of film appearing the dangerous encounter between Tire Nichols and Memphis police officers prior this month. The discharged materials included three body camera recordings and one overhead reconnaissance video. The five officers included within the capture were terminated after an inside examination and are confronting criminal charges, counting second-degree killTaking after the discharge of the video Friday night, two agents with the Shelby District Sheriff’s Office have been put on take off pending an examination, Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. said in a statement. According to the film, the occurrence begins to unfurls from 8:24 p.m. CT, when officers at first halted Nichols, to 9:02 p.m. CT, when an rescue vehicle finally appears on camera to require Nichols to the clinic.

All times are surmised, but here’s a see at the timeline within the video: 8:24 p.m.: The body camera worn by an officer appears the primary contact police have with Nichols on Jan. 7. Numerous officers can be seen drawing closer Nichols’ vehicle, drawing their guns and shouting for Nichols to induce out of the vehicle. “You’re gonna get your head blown the fuck up,” one officer hollers. Nichols is pulled from the car and constrained to the ground in the midst of forceful yelling and dangers of being tasered. “I’m fair attempting to go home,” Nichols says. “I’m not doing anything.” 8:25 p.m.: One officer splashes Nichols within the confront with pepper splash. Nichols at that point battles to his feet and starts running from the officer as one another shoots a taser at him that clearly didn’t make contact. Seven minutes afterward, another gather of police officers declare over the radio that they see Nichols and start to seek after him on foot. 8:32p.m.: From body-worn camera film, two officers can be seen on best of Nichols.

8:34 p.m.: One officer tells the other police officers to “watch out,” at that point pulls out a collapsible police mallet and shouts at Nichols, “I’m getting to stick the fuck out of you. Donate me your fucking hands.” A police observation camera mounted tall up on a shaft captured the officer hitting Nichols different times with the stick. Nichols battled back to his feet as he was being hit with the malletFilm appears the officers proceed to undertake to drag Nichols to the ground, punching him within the confront over and over some time recently Nichols falls back to his knees. Two officers can be seen on best of Nichols as he lays level on the ground. 8:36 p.m.: More officers run onto the scene and two officers kick Nichols. A diminutive afterward the officers at last move absent from Nichols, who proceeds to lay on the ground, writhing every so often, with his hands behind his back.

8:38 p.m.: The officers inevitably drag Nichols and prop him against a police car, every so often blazing their spotlights on him as they process approximately the region. Two officers fist-bump a miniature afterward. At times, Nichols droops over on his side on the ground. 8:41 p.m.: Two therapeutic faculty with hardware arrive at the scene. In body worn camera film, one individual can be listened saying, “It’s progressing to be a whereas for an ambulance.” Film shows that 21 minutes pass from when paramedics show up to reach at 8:41 p.m. to when an emergency vehicle at long last pulls into see of the camera at 9:02 p.m.

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