Jessie J.D has a decision to “play with the stars”

Celebrities enter the new year with big, long-term plans.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the stars shared their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to be better in 2023. “I want to keep the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ title that I got on that show. It’s life changing. To be honest, I’ve never been on this kind of thing before, and it’s always been a form of exercise for me,” explained country singer Jessie James Decker. “But I love traveling. I love this show.”

Along with getting in shape, Decker will continue to make her three children a priority, saying, “I want to go on fun and adventurous trips with the kids. I like to use them like that.

Co-star Blake Shelton revealed to Fox News Digital that his New Year’s resolution was to ‘have one drink less than a day’, before realizing his new show ‘Barmageddon’ would make it more difficult to achieve his purpose. He joked that he was sure to put pressure on him to drink “two more drinks a day”.

Shelton’s wife, Gwen Stefani, said that his decision will make it clear that he has the latest gardening ideas. “I think my decision will be to teach myself about gardening because that’s Blake’s new passion,” she told E! News earlier this month.

“We had a poor crop year this year. I mean, we have a lot of problems with us. There was a drought, in the order that happened. However, we have to be smart and do better next year.

Alum James Denton has a big birthday, just after New Year’s Day, so his resolution doubles as a goal he must accomplish as he enters the new decade.

Take the train, health problems. I’m 60, so it’s a big birthday. My birthday is in January, so it goes hand in hand with birthdays and resolutions. I have health problems – not obesity, but dumb old man like ldl cholesterol and things like that,” Denton said.

Denton explained that while he doesn’t “usually pay too much attention” to his birthday, “this one makes (him) take a little bit of time” and encouraged him to make his health a resolution of the Year. New. ‘NCIS’ actress Katrina Law is another actress who mixed her birthday with her New Year’s resolution, telling Fox New Digital, ‘I make my New Year’s resolution with a resolution. my birthday’, although he did not say what his decision was. he said he was “staying with them.”

Actor Andrew Walker’s New Year’s resolution is to try to live in the moment and make those around him feel cared for and loved.

“My New Year’s resolution is just to try to slow life down a little bit,” Walker told Fox News Digital. “Treat myself and my family, maybe my wife will know that I am one of the most attentive people I can be.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart has not thought about her new year’s resolution for the coming year, saying that she will choose what she can achieve, a little more than the unattainable thing that she gives half age. “I don’t know but. I have to give you my new year’s resolution, but it’s usually something like, put the phone down, play with my kids, try to cook a little dinner, but I’ll find one that I can keep, maybe study e.-books for a month, the more I will be interested in my studies. I don’t know,” Hart said.

One actor who will not participate in the story is ‘Personal Follow’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Kate Walsh, who said, “I’ve never tried that. I will not pretend.

“I feel like every day, I just try to make friends and try to live a good life. I am so grateful, so lucky, so blessed.

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