Passing toll rises to 38 taking after Greece prepare collision

At slightest 38 individuals have been slaughtered after two trains collided in Greece Tuesday night, the Greek Fire Benefit said Wednesday. Greek Fire Benefit representative Vassilis Varthakogiannis said that at slightest 38 individuals were murdered which of the 72 harmed individuals, 57 remained in healing centers. Six of them are in seriously care. He included that look and protect operations will proceed through the night. At slightest 72 firefighters with 24 vehicles are on the scene. DNA tests are being utilized to distinguish the dead, Greek police representative Constantia Dimoglidou said at the briefing. What we know so distant approximately the crash: Prior


 on Wednesday, a station director of a train station within the city of Larissa was captured in association to the collision. The 59-year-old man was charged with mass passings through carelessness and causing horrifying real hurt through carelessness, the Larissa police division said. Meanwhile, in central Athens clashes ejected between dissidents and police officers exterior the hea